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    [FFIII - DS] Can someone tell me why my character stats are lowered and how to cure it?

    I bet you just changed job. They will get back to normal after a few fights :)


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    Thousands of lives are affected by moms not knowing how to operate a computer each year.

    educate the mothers. for humanity’s sake

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  3. Le decisioni giuste vengono dall’esperienza, l’esperienza viene dalle decisioni sbagliate

    Le decisioni giuste vengono dall’esperienza, l’esperienza viene dalle decisioni sbagliate

    Senza saperlo, mi ero innamorato dei giochi di ruolo ancora prima di prenderne in mano uno.
    Era il 1994, credo, e sul 386 di casa avevo appena installato Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis. A quel tempo divoravo qualunque avventura grafica, meglio se della Lucas Arts, in pochi giorni e Indiana Jonessi rivelò una delle più ostiche. La cosa che mi costrinse a rigiocarlo più volte fu scoprire…

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  5. Fumble - Il primo podcast di giochi di ruolo in Italiano

    Fumble – Il primo podcast di giochi di ruolo in Italiano

    fumble2Fumble è il primo podcast italiano di live-play di Pathfinder. Un bardo, un oracolo delle fiamme, un oracolo degli antenati e un Dungeon Master, ogni settimana si trovano davanti ai microfoni per sgominare culti degli antichi dei, tra (rari) colpi critici e (frequentissimi) fumble.

    Fumble è un podcast fatto e incasinato da Claudio Serena, Jacopo Colò, Roberto de Luca e Matteo Mantovanelli.


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  6. Fumble s00e00: Mamma, da dove nascono i PG?

    Fumble s00e00: Mamma, da dove nascono i PG?

    La puntata 0 in cui creiamo le schede dei PG e diamo per scontato che sappiate cos’è un PG.

    [button type=”big” color=”green” link=”http://www.fumblegdr.it/podcast/Fumble_s01e00.mp3”]Scarica il podcast[/button]</br>

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    Good Guy Sauron

    #work place equality everyone 

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    Coming July 18, 2014: THE SILMARILLION READ-ALONG

    If you were involved with the Lord of the Rings Read-Along, you already know how awesome this is going to be, but for the newbies, here’s the deal: From mid-July to mid-November, we’re going to read through Tolkien’s The Silmarillion together week by week. It’s a great opportunity for first-timers and old fans alike to enjoy Tolkien’s works with other Tumblr fans like you while also sharing our own fanworks.

    And in case that description wasn’t enough to get you excited, here’s a promo trailer I made for the event (the words are easier to read if you watch if fullscreen, sorry about that.) If you have any questions, you can find me at tolkienreadalong.tumblr.com - I hope to see you all there!

    (Oh, and please reblog this, or make a promo post of your own - the more people find out about the read-along, the more fun it is for everyone, believe me!)


  10. Invasion of the First Men
    The Age of Heroes
    The Last Night
    The Andal Invasion
    The Age of Valyria
    The Roynar Migration
    Valyria Expansion
    Targaryen Migration
    The Doom of Valyria


    A Mapped History of A Song of Ice and Fire by u/hotbrownDoubleDouble

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    One of my may favourites: funny things from Robespierre the guinea pig

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